We would never be able to make this project work
without all of our awesome friends! 

Monster Project Team

The main monster crew! They met while studying communication design at the University of North Texas.
Now they work from opposite ends of the U.S. to keep The Monster Project going strong!

Katie Johnson
Founder + President

Mercy Lomelin
MP Team + Animation

Molly Hensley
MP Team + Branding


These amazing humans have generously given their time and talents to support The Monster Project in 2016!

Erin Zingre

Greatest Common Factory
Video + Editing

Bill Salans

Erin O'Connor

Jared Farney

Tyler Crelia
Video + Editing

Joel Henderson

Jake Longoria
Branding + Design

Zach Rener
Copywriting + Voice Talent

Josh Parker

Elvira Marin
Fulfillment Coordination

Lance Trachier
School Liaison

Melissa Smith
Accounting + Finances

Everywhere Audio
Sound + Mixing

Monica Johnson
School Liaison



A collection of kind-hearted humans who pledged to help keep this project alive!

And, of course,
A HUGE thanks to all of our incredible artists
and to all of our supporters!