The Monster Project
Gallery 2017


Elementary students draw monsters. Then artists from all over the world reimagine those monsters in their own unique styles.

The Monster Project teaches children about the power of their imaginations and encourages them to pursue their creative potential. It shows them that their ideas are important and exposes them to the magic of art and collaboration.

Plus, it's just really, really fun.


Reagan | Austin, TX

AJ Jefferies | Norwich, UK

Armani | Indianapolis, IN

Anna Kulakovskaja | Kyiv, Ukraine

Gabrielle | Austin, TX

Kathrin Honesta | Jakarta, Indonesia

Kade | Austin, TX

Chris Schofield |  Leeds, West Yorkshire 

Scarlett | Austin, TX

Lize-Marie Dreyer | Cape Town, South Africa

Suyash | Austin, TX

Patrick Evrard | Mechelen, Belgium

Animation by Adriana Colonna

Mason | Indianapolis, IN

Aleksey Baydakov | Moscow, Russia

Leland | Indianapolis, IN

The Stompin' Ground | Melbourne, Australia

Bobby | Indianapolis, IN

Gaelyn | Austin, TX

Morphine Motion Graphics | Montevideo, Uruguay

Jill | Austin, TX

Tomasz Karelus | Warsaw, Poland

Nola | Indianapolis, IN

Ju Sting | Curitiba, Brazil

Caitlynn | Austin, TX

Simona M. Ceccarelli | Basel, Switzerland

Connor | Austin, TX

Dexter Maurer | Switzerland

Kieran | Austin, TX

Rune Spaans | Oslo, Norway

Nathan | Austin, TX

Spoon Tar | Russia

Student from Austin, TX

Vector That Fox | London, UK

Angelina | Indianapolis, IN

Daniel Jewett | Indianapolis, IN

Chase | Indianapolis, IN

Agata Karelus | Warsaw, Poland

Bryan | Austin, TX

Luis Pinto | Guatemala City, Guatemala

Valeria | Indianapolis, IN

Rob Day | Indianapolis, IN

Lidia | Austin, TX

Stuart Wade | San Francisco, CA

Caleb | Austin, TX

Dailliah | Austin, TX

Riccardo Zema | Faenza, Italy

Emily | Austin, TX

Nick Hopkins | Chicago, IL

Elizabeth | Austin, TX

Jorge Porta | London, UK

Elijah | Austin, TX

Sarah Beth Hulver | Portland, OR

Alex | Austin, TX

Berd | London, UK

Isaiah | Indianapolis, IN

 Anthony Myers | Arkansas

Roland | Austin, TX

Doaly  | Birmingham, UK

Finn | San Francisco, CA

Timothy J Reynolds | Milwaukee, WI

Lilia | Austin, TX

Oliver Sin  | Cheltenham, UK

Oliver Sin | Cheltenham, UK

Aluxandria | Indianapolis, IN

Milan Vasek | Prague, Czech Republic

Renleigh | Austin, TX

Yema Yema | Atlanta, GA

Evelyn | Austin, TX

Dave Navarro | Sabadell, Spain

Raelle | Austin, TX

Stefano Colferai | Miano, Italy

Andreas | Austin, TX

Tim Probert | New York, NY

Elyssa | Austin, TX

Chris Dickason | Bristol, UK

 Rowan | Austin, TX

Grand Chamaco | Monterrey, Mexico

Kira | Austin, TX

Angela Rizza | New York, NY

Tyson | Austin, TX

Elizabeth | Austin, TX

Down the Street | Los Angeles, CA

Kendra | Indianapolis, IN

Gianluca Maruotti | Rome, Italy

Aaron | Austin, TX

Cody | Austin, TX

Marijke Buurlage | Leeuwarden, the Netherlands

Kira | Indianapolis, IN

Jingo de la Rosa | Indianapolis, IN

Bryan | Indianapolis, IN

The Fox & King | Melbourne, Australia

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