Monster Project UNITE:
Prompt Archive

Monster Project UNITE is an open illustration prompt that invites artists to reimagine a new kid's monster drawing every two weeks to share via Instagram. 

Prompts are sent via email so make sure to sign up to receive them if you haven't yet.

Below you'll find an archive of past prompts so you can play along if you missed any of them. Make sure to read the instructions and use the proper hashtags (like #MonsterProjectUNITE) when you post so we can all find your artwork. We're so excited to join forces with you to teach kids about the power of their imaginations! 


01: Ruben from London, 6 years old.

Your first prompt is here! Click the button below to see the full details and to learn more about the monster Ruben has created.


02: Barbara from Brazil, 10 years old.

There’s a lot of awesomeness happening here! We want to know what you see in Barbara’s drawing. Click the button below for the full brief and to learn more about the maker behind the monster.